Personal Tax

We can….

Compile your tax return quickly and correctly.

As part of our tax preparation service, review prior tax returns to ensure that your maximum tax savings are realized.

Assist you to financially plan for major life events such as retirement and residence and marital status changes.

Assist you in determining your optimal RRSP contribution which most effectively meets your current and long term goals.

Through effective planning, we can ensure that you take advantage of benefits allowed under the Canadian Income Tax Act.


We have….

Identified a new client’s eligibility for the caregiver credit in current and prior tax years resulting in a refund in excess of $1,000.

Identified eligible medical expenses, as per the Canadian Income Tax Act, and suggested a means to acquire acceptable documentation.  This resulted in both a reduction in tax payable and a refund of the Medical Expense Supplement.

Consistently reduced our clients’ tax payable by adhering to the Canadian Income Tax Act. We do it right the first time so that savings are actually realized.